If Grace is an Ocean, We're all Sinking

"Be still and know I am God."

-Psalm 46:10

I'm on a journey. Living for Jesus, transforming the world and I'm not about to let my own mind destroy me.

Things I love: Jesus, music, AmeriCorps, Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, film, literature, Spanish, Latin America, Spain, coffee shops, good conversation, camp, guys with guitars and a smooth voice, real friends, hiking, the mountains, the ocean, being outside, Red Sox, tattoos, good beer
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No secrets. The tomb is open. No fear. Death is done. Just caught up with Kelsey. She keeps me accountable by just being who she is. She told me the lump on her breast has grown. She has to have a mastectomy. She’s 22. We are 22. Barely adults. 

God convicts me to be real. Hide nothing. His calling is real. I need to be honest. He calls us out of our tombs and out in the world. Be His hands and feet. Jesus clothed in white, rose from the tomb. And now I see Him barefoot, walking on a dirt road, towards the sun. Mary Magdalene behind Him. And I must leave my tomb and follow.

"Old but I’m not that old. Young but I’m not that bold."

Take a step out. Stop worrying about the past. I am radically changed by the Son. And I’ll go with Him. I will never be any younger than I am now. And my calling isn’t crazy because it rings for only me. Answer it. Follow the transition. Love all. Make time for those that matter. Simplify, unify, go. Go. Live in faith. Do. Life.   

Easter dinner with dear friends and their children who we decided are mini drunk adults that throw up, pee and fall asleep wherever they are. But we love them anyway. Blessed simple living.


I get frustrated almost every day because I’m tired. Because I work 6 days a week and sometimes people don’t respect my time. But when I lay down at night I find joy in The Lord and I know it’s all worth it. Service life. And I am thankful I have food and a bed, and clothes and a car and heat. I am blessed.