If Grace is an Ocean, We're all Sinking

"Be still and know I am God."

-Psalm 46:10

I'm on a journey. Living for Jesus, transforming the world and I'm not about to let my own mind destroy me.

Things I love: Jesus, music, AmeriCorps, Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, film, literature, Spanish, Latin America, Spain, coffee shops, good conversation, camp, guys with guitars and a smooth voice, real friends, hiking, the mountains, the ocean, being outside, Red Sox, tattoos, good beer
Imperfections are attractive when their owners are happy with them.
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got no problem with watching a full season of tv in one sitting but when it comes time to pick a movie im like “am i really ready to pay attention to something for two hours”

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I was told by Jesus all was well, so all must be well.
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Treated myself to brownies and baked Mac n’ Cheese today.