If Grace is an Ocean, We're all Sinking

"Be still and know I am God."

-Psalm 46:10

I'm on a journey. Living for Jesus, transforming the world and I'm not about to let my own mind destroy me.

Things I love: Jesus, music, AmeriCorps, Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, film, literature, Spanish, Latin America, Spain, coffee shops, good conversation, camp, guys with guitars and a smooth voice, real friends, hiking, the mountains, the ocean, being outside, Red Sox, tattoos, good beer

Adam Scott’s Scholarly Analysis Of “Ice Ice Baby” (x)

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This is what I call an authentic life. Falling in love with Colorado more and more. 

Yesterday we enjoyed going to the Rockies game. They were playing the Pirates. Good times with Sam these past few days.

Colorado round 2. Mountains, long drives, roof top concert. I also safely drove us home. God removes fears, I’m working on doubts. Meet Him in the middle. Adventure always.